Our Story

Yeahope Bracelet: Embracing The Power Of Blessings

Once upon a time in 1998, two young American women, fresh out of college, found themselves at a crossroads in life. Faced with heartbreak and disappointment, they made a bold decision to embark on a global adventure, determined to leave their past behind. Little did they know that this journey would lead them to discover the power of blessings and legends.

Their travels took them to numerous countries, where they encountered diverse cultures and heard captivating stories. Inspired by the idea of spreading positivity and hope, they began collecting bracelets, each representing a unique blessing from the places they visited. These bracelets became symbols of strength and the legends associated with them filled their hearts with inspiration.

Their journey was nothing short of extraordinary, filled with exhilarating experiences and profound connections. They explored ancient temples in Thailand, danced to the rhythm of samba in Brazil, and climbed the majestic peaks of the Himalayas. Along the way, they encountered individuals who shared their stories of resilience and triumph over adversity, reinforcing their belief in the power of blessings.

As their collection of bracelets grew, they realized that these talismans held the potential to touch the lives of many others who were seeking solace and a fresh start. With hearts full of gratitude, they decided to establish yeahope Bracelet in New Zealand, a place that had captured their spirits and become their newfound home.


Since then, they determined to help those in need in their own way. After years of research, we designed the YeaHope bracelet. The bracelet is printed with the words “Yeah, hope!“, symbolizing that even in the most difficult situations, one should maintain a positive and optimistic attitude towards hope.

YeaHope Bracelet aimed to recreate and share the blessings from around the world, empowering individuals to embrace their own journeys and find hope in the face of challenges. Each bracelet would carry with it the essence of a specific country’s legend, infusing its wearer with the strength and wisdom associated with that tale.

The two friends poured their hearts into crafting each bracelet, ensuring that the designs captured the essence of the legends they had encountered. They worked closely with local artisans, who skillfully incorporated traditional techniques and materials into the creation of these unique pieces.

The YeaHope Bracelet became more than just a fashion statement; it became a symbol of resilience, hope, and the belief that everyone has the power to overcome obstacles. People from all walks of life gravitated towards these bracelets, finding solace and inspiration in their stories.

As the brand grew, the two friends established partnerships with organizations dedicated to supporting those in need. A portion of the proceeds from every YeaHope Bracelet sold went towards initiatives that provided education, healthcare, and opportunities for underprivileged communities around the world.


While modern demands have brought complexities, our core mission remains unchanged – to spread messages of hope wherever darkness persists. And so our work goes on, as it no doubt will for generations to come. For us, no success could top knowing we have helped even one soul find light… just as Master Yanxing first did for Isabelle and I so long ago.

Over two decades later, Blessing Bracelet has touched millions of lives. But for Amanda and Isabelle, watching individuals reclaim their confidence and joie de vivre through the site’s holistic approaches is reward enough. They are forever grateful to the monk who set them on this path, reminding us that even life’s bitter pills can nourish hope – if accepted with grace.

Today, yeahope Bracelet continues to inspire and empower individuals worldwide. Its founders’ journey serves as a reminder that embracing the power of blessings can transform lives and open doors to new beginnings. Through their unique collection of bracelets, yeahope aims to spread love, positivity, and the belief that, no matter the challenges one faces, there is always HOPE.